Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Brooklyn Post #1

It's time for this year's national crossword championship. I will be blogging from the tournament, starting at about 11:30am on Saturday, Feb. 20.

For those who wish to do the crosswords from home (and you can, you know, just go to, READ NO FURTHER! There will be spoilers! Readers from prior years will know this already, since there is only so much description of idiosyncratic puzzlers that one can take, and the main attraction is the INTERESTING array of clues and answers, right?

In particular, NEIL SINGER MUST NOT PROCEED to the subsequent blog posts. Because he is missing this year's tournament, breaking our streak of 6 years (I think) of mano a mano (yes, hand to hand) competition. Because he has come up with the lamest of excuses, lamer even than the weather in DC, which is.... that he is lame. I mean literally. It's true, he fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Lamely.

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